Train your eyes and learn to speed-read through your reading list
How It Works
About Outread Outread helps people quickly go through their reading lists without any loss in comprehension or appreciation.

It guides the eyes with a highlighting marker, improving the speed and making the training applicable everywhere.

Seeing full page of text makes the speed-reading feel natural; allowing to scroll freely and skip some parts of text.
Guided Reading Technique During reading your eyes are often going back to reread the words, even when they were already absorbed.

The highlighting technique teaches your eyes to move more efficiently through the text. It provides a rhythm, which lowers the number of unnecessary jumps and makes you more focused.
How to Use It
1. Create your reading list You can add text documents, websites, or sync your articles. Everything is saved locally for offline reading.
3. Start your training Choose an article, tap the play button (or anywhere on the text) and let the Outread playback the article for you.

Keep the reading speed at a rate that requires an effort from you in keeping up with the highlighter, always pushing your abilities a little bit further.
2. Adjust the parameters Configure the speed, size and style of the highlighter. You can also select the font style and theme for the app (day or night).
  • Sync with Instapaper, Pocket and Pinboard (supports offline reading)
  • Add from Safari via the bookmarklet or paste the URL inside the app
  • Browse built-in free eBooks directory and add classic books
  • Add .epub ebooks and Microsoft Word, .rtf or .txt documents; export docs from Pages or just read the clipboard contents
  • Filter (by services or tags) and sort the articles (by date, length or title)
  • Made with newest iOS in mind: background syncing, multiple font sizes, AirDrop integration and a URL Scheme
  • Adjust the reading speed and the highlighter size (length of the chunk of text you read at once)
  • Track your progress with daily reading stats
  • Two reading modes (highlighting and dimming), two themes and five fonts