Press Kit – Outread 2.0

Release dateMarch 23, 2023, 10am EDT
App Store URL
CompatibilityiOS 14.1 or later; iPadOS 14.1 or later, macOS 11.0 or later
PriceFree with Outread+ Monthly/Annual/Lifetime subscription
ContactArek Holko, Indie Developer based in Warsaw, Poland

About Outread

Outread helps you read websites, ebooks and documents faster than you thought possible. It uses methods that work by focusing your eyes on small chunks of text at a time. It's a native app optimized for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. It handles online articles and following file types: DRM-free ePub, pdf, doc, rtf and txt.

Who Is It For?

Outread is designed for anyone who wants to improve their reading speed and comprehension. It can be particularly useful for students, professionals, or anyone who has to read a lot of text on a daily basis. The app can help users read through articles, books and documents more quickly and efficiently, allowing them to save time and stay on top of their reading tasks. Additionally, Outread may be helpful for those who have difficulty with traditional reading methods, such as people with dyslexia, ADHD or other reading disorders.

What's New in Outread 2.0

Updated Design And Fonts

We went through the whole app and updated the design to better match your needs and make the app easier and faster to use. We also updated the font selection with new fonts that work better with speed reading. Specifically: Noto Sand and Garamond were scientifically tested as leading to better speed while still maintaining the comprehension.

Continuous Speed Reading

Outread 2.0 comes with a continuous reading assistant that both highlights the words that you should focus on and constantly scrolls the text, so that it’s vertically centered on the page. It’s the ultimate hands-free reading.

Reading Speed Test

Quickly check your reading speed and comprehension by reading a text and answering a few questions about it. This test is performed in a regular, unassisted reading environment.

New Marker Options in Highlighting

Next to text dimming, we added Marker and Underline options (find them in Reader Preferences > Highlighting Reading).

Automatic & Manual Tagging

Outread now automatically adds useful tags, so that it’s easier to find your content. Aside from that you can now manually manage your tags too.

App Shortcuts

Outread 2.0 comes with updated support for Shortcuts, now based on the new App Intents framework. Add URLs and plain text without opening the app. Jump back to your recent read, newest item, or pick something to read on random.

Focus Filters

You can now set up Outread’s library content to fit your current focus filter, e.g. show only unread items tagged Work when you’re in your Work focus.

Live Preview In Preferences

When you adjust speed reading parameters to your liking, you can now see a live preview directly on the buttons.

And More

  • Improved text import on websites with a manual import fallback in case automatic text detection fails.
  • Rethought library screen with quick filtering, tagging mechanism and search.
  • Fast forward/rewind and speed up/down controls in Flashing speed reading.
  • Quick actions (ellipsis button) on the reader screen.
  • Accessibility (dynamic text size) improvements across the whole app.
  • Improved support for Korean, Chinese, Japanese and RTL languages.

Video of Continuous Speed Reading


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