How to Read More Books?


Jul 17, 2022

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We've all been in that scenario where someone is discussing something intriguing at the office or at a social gathering, and when asked where that topic came from, they mention some type of book that you've vaguely heard of.

Maybe you're perusing yourself online for your next ebook or at the local bookstore looking to see what's out there. Or perhaps you have that one friend or family member who states they read a hundred books a year. Yet how is that possible when it feels like with our busy days, we barely have enough time to read a few books a year.

Why Reading Is Important

Before we look at the how let's look at the why. Why is reading so important, even in this day and age when there's so much content out there with the touch of our fingers. Reading books only has associated benefits; first, it helps improve your overall brain function. When you take the time to read books, you're taking time to learn new words and see different variations of themes, sentence structure, and word usage. You're also able to see new perspectives and thought leadership that comes from book reading.

Finally, as you get used to reading many books simultaneously, you'll realize just how much of a sponge your brain and subconscious are and how easier you'll be to retain and bring up the information from these books.

They're also fantastic for those reading them to achieve overall wellness. Reading a book helps to disconnect from whatever is out there and focus on the moment at hand. It'll help to diminish stress and improve your mood.

Whether you're escaping into the latest fiction novel on a faraway planet or reading books on how to deal with your coworkers in the office, you're not focusing on the daily stressors that seem to be growing and compounding on a daily basis.

How to Read More

So now that we want all these lovely benefits that keep sharpening our minds, teaching us new things, and are natural stress relief, how do we go about doing it? It's all about making it a habit. That means setting aside a reading time. Whether it's every day or a set time during the week to read, that's all you're going to do.

No need to go out and socialize, watch that latest Netflix movie or scroll through social media; put it all away and focus on the book. If you're reading an ebook, make sure to set up do not disturb notifications when reading.

Always carry the book with you, so that you're thinking about it. You want your mind to think positively when reading, which will make you want to read. Then, bring a friend or four along and make an impromptu book club out of it. Everything is always more fun in pairs, and you'll always be able to have a topic of discussion or debate with it.

It'll also help with the next book because you'll have a variety of recommendations to choose from when you're reading with like-minded individuals.

Don't be afraid to change up the genres. Some books, even the great ones, can tend to get a bit blurry when you're reading book five of seven of the same exact storyline that's been interconnected over the years.

But, on the other hand, you'll be able to find something else you're interested in as well and broaden your knowledge and perspectives while at the same time keeping your brain happy with the variety.

Another thing is that you don’t need to finish every book. We've all picked up a really cool-sounding book that we thought would be a fantastic adventure novel or will help us reorganize our thoughts, business, or wardrobes overnight. These then end up turning out to be a dud. It happens, even if it's being promoted front and center everywhere. Not every popular book is everyone's cup of tea, and you don't have the time to waste forcing yourself through something that's supposed to be enjoyable.

If after the first few chapters you don't want to read anymore, it's ok – shelve it or give it away and move on. Maybe it’s just a badly written part of the book, and you can skim these sections to see if the book redeems itself in any way. There’s always an amazing book to read around every corner.

Let Technology Help You

Many have heard the term "speed reading" and wondered if it's really possible. Of course, it is, and it's also a great way to read books in any format while still keeping full comprehension throughout the whole reading experience. There are ways to train yourself, and it's all about reducing that internal reading you do, where you mentally read while reading a book. That's what's slowing you down, and when you're able to conquer that portion, you'll see yourself speed reading in no time.

It's no easy feat, and since there's a lot of technology out there, there's no harm in getting a little technology to help a long way. For example, with the use of speed reading apps such as our speed reading app Outread, you're able to train yourself to read the fastest way possible as you increase your words read per minute in an interactive process.

This app also comes with training and exercises to help with your speed reading journey through the use of flashcards and memory training that enables you to read the words one time and not mentally through your head. Before you know it, you'll have finished your first book in record time. The app itself helps train you up for either ebooks or physical books as well.

It’s Not Just for Books

As you start using an app such as Outread more, you'll realize that it's not just about finishing 100 books or ebooks per year, but it's about how you're consuming all text-based content.

So whether you're looking to scan through work emails or read up on expanding your existing skill sets, you'll start to quickly notice just how fast you're able to get through the content while at the same time retaining that content for future use when needed.

Regardless, Get Back to Reading

Many thought that with technology the age of books would disappear. Yet ironically, our need for books only grew because technology helped us with consumption at faster rates. Whether it's text-based, visuals, or video, we see ourselves easily absorbing more content than before, especially in digital format. This has helped keep the book industry alive, as there's now this dual format option while, at the same time, there's still countless stories to be told.

Whether it's the next chapter of our most lovable group of rogue adventurous and the perils they await, or the new methods of being effective and productive, or a historical overview of humankind, we'll still need these books around.

They are the true gatekeepers of knowledge and storytelling. They help unravel our imaginations while also helping connect our thoughts with new ideas and ways of doing things or looking at things. For those that are already reading many books and want to take their reading to the speed reading level, take a look at the app Outread.

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