How to add ebooks or documents?

You can open the following file types in Outread: ePub (DRM-free), DOC, DOCX, RTF and TXT. If you have files in other formats, you can try using Calibre to convert them to TXT (documents) or EPUB (ebooks).
To add a file, simply tap on the + button on the main screen and then choose Add a File. You can access your files from different services by switching the source at Locations
To add a file available online open it in Safari; tap on Open in.

And then select Open in Outread.

To add files from external apps choose a file, tap on icon, then Open in and finally Open in Outread.

How to add articles from Mobile Safari?

You can install a bookmarklet for adding articles directly from Mobile Safari.

For detailed instructions open Outread and go to:
Settings -> Preferences and Help -> Saving from Safari.

How to add a URL or plain text?

To add any URL, simply tap on the + button on the main screen and then choose Add from a URL. To add a plain text, tap on + and then choose Add a Text.

Does Outread have a URL scheme?

Yes, the following URLs are supported:
  • outread:// – opens the app
  • outread://save?url= – saves the content of the URL

How does the Archived items section work?

Remote articles (from Instapaper, Pocket and Readability) are kept on the device for 24 hours after being archived. Local articles – added through Outread – are kept indefinitely, but you can delete them quickly by tapping on x and then on Clear (on the right of Archived items label).

Why are some articles not syncing?

At the moment there is a limit – only 250 (Instapaper, Pocket and Readability) or 75 (Pinboard) newest articles per service are synchronized. This limit ensures responsiveness on all devices.

Why are some articles not displaying properly?

Every website is different, so occasionally some of them may not work properly. As a quick fix you can open the page in Safari, select the content, copy it, and paste it into Outread (select + and then Add a Text).

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